Digitally printed banners

Can be printed in full color from edge to edge. Photographs and color fades are no problem. Banners are finished with hem tape and grommets.

Because these are produced digitally, you can include any amount of text and there are no limits to the number of colors you use.

Sizes available from 1' x 1' up to 64" x 25' Quick turnaround

Banners over 54" wide are 3-5 day turnaround. Available size up to 16' wide seemless

Banners are digitally printed on 13-oz. Banner stock and finished with hem tape. Grommets are placed in all corners every 2-3 ft along the top and bottom.

These banners are excellent for trade show displays.

If used outdoors, these banners should be mounted against a wall or board for longest life.


All banners are custom, please specify if grommets are needed, our standard banners come with grommets every 2 feet.

Banners come in different weights and colors. Printed banners are white and depend on design and ink coverage.

Banner Design Fees

Basic letters only banner $15 setup fee, up to 45 letters. Custom banner design start at $45

Acceptable file formats for printing.

EPS   Encapsulated Post Script
AI   Adobe Illustrator
PDF   Adobe PDF
PSD   Adobe Photoshop
TIFF   High Resolution TIFF (125 dpi actual size, 500 dpi ¼ size)
JPEG   High Resolution Jpeg (125 dpi actual size, 500 dpi ¼ size)
Do- Proper File Preparation Tips
  • Document MUST be proportioned properly. Design at ¼ scale. Final document should 500 dpi at ¼ scale. For full bleed, add ½" to all sides. Use a unique name for each file, not just 'banner'. Your last name + 1, 2, 3, etc. is OK. Convert image to RGB. Flatten the image. NO layers
  • Convert ALL TEXT to "artwork", "shapes", "outlines" or "curves". NO FONTS
Don't- (It will result in bad printing )
  • No low resolution "web graphics", stuff grabbed on the internet. NO FONTS. Convert all fonts to art. (Outlines, curves or shapes)
  • No Word Documents, Power Point files, Publisher files or other free graphics programs". If your program will not export a file to a 500 dpi tiff or jpeg, it's not good enough to design a banner. We can do it for you, if you send the graphics separately.

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