Custom Flags

Please Call for price and availability.

Flag Material: Polyester

Thickness: 4 oz.  (110gm)

Best Uses: Indoors or outdoors to display your products, services, promotions, business logos, advertisements, or sales.  These flag banners stand tall and are wider than most of our other advertising flags.  The large size makes them great to display to a large audience at sporting events, concerts, festivals, trade-shows, and etc.

Weight:  Flag weights will vary from 6.5lb (8ft rectangle flag kit) to 12lbs per kit (15ft rectangle flag kit).

Print Process: We a high density print process that allows us to directly print onto our polyester coated material.  This allows for a good bleed through of medium to dark colors on our custom flags.  Darker colors will have much better visibility on the back of your banner prints than lighter colors.

Average Lifespan: With periodic use and proper care and storing, your custom flag should last 3+ years.  If used outdoors everyday, your lifespan will be approximately 1 year.  Be sure to take indoors during high winds to prevent your poles from snapping.  The rectangle shape of this flag will catch more wind than our feather flags.

Fading: Flags used periodically will last 4+ years, assuming proper care.  If used outdoors for 8+ hours a day, your flag will need to be replaced within 9 to 12 months.  States such as California, Texas, and Arizona, who experience high heat and dry weather, will usually notice their flags fade quicker.

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